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1. Do you have a paper catalog?
2. What is the difference between glass etching, glass carving and shaded etching?
3. How can I purchase from you?
4. What do you have available for purchase?
5. Can I custom order a piece of work?
6. How do I know I will like it?
7. What is your return policy?
8. What is the commission process?
9. Do you have a privacy policy?
10. What forms of payment do you accept?
11. Why buy a flower sculpture?

1. No, availability changes frequently. It is more convenient for you to get up to date offerings on-line and through e-mail.

2.Glass etching is a surface technique that lightly abrades the glass. It is the least expensive of the three. It is used to cover a surface completely, to create a pattern or design. It often looks stencil-like. Shaded etching has a tonal look, almost like a drawing. It is a multi-stage process. It still is a surface-only technique, but can become labor-intensive; depending on the design. Glass carving is usually the most expensive and most labor-intensive of the three techniques. It is multi-stage. The abrasive carves into the glass. The design is carved from the back and viewed from the front. A combination of all three or any of the techniques can be combined.

3. E-mail or call. An introductory explanation begins the process. The process is somewhat different if you are looking for a single flower, a commissioned glass etching or sculpture, or a finished sculpture. We can provide images & prices of finished pieces if we have something suitable.

4. There are glass flowers, glass sculptures with flowers, and large 10" glass flowers that hang from the ceiling or wall.

5.To commission a piece, the more information you provide such as size, purpose, budget, placement or location and even personal information; the better. Once the project is understood, a price range will be provided. If you are comfortable with the price range, a deposit will be requested for sketches. The sketches will clarify your choices and you will see the low to high price range with the sketches. You will be able to see the differences in the designs to help you with your choice.

6. The process includes, thumbnails, sketches and photos.The process is so thorough that you have feedback throughout the process.

7. Click on contact, above left

8.. see 5.

9. Yes. We value your privacy. Your information is not sold, rented or used for any purposed other than that expressed to you. Credit card companies or credit card processing companies such as pay pal have their own privacy policies. Please check with them.

10. We accept Visa, Mastercard, paypal, and money order.

11. Flowers are traditionally given for special occasions. Flower sculptures combine the concept of a universal language with this age old tradition. The sculptures carry it further by including personal meaning based on the people or purpose they are commissioned for.