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Glass and mixed media sculpture inspired by nature & relationships.

Faith & Adversity

12"h x 10"l x 9"d

Your left wing, My right wing
our glorious Flight

11"h x 13"l x 7"d


14"h x 12"l x 9" d


8"h x 14"w x 11"d


8"h x 12" w x 7"d

As Above, So Below

8"h x 14" w x 11"d

Seeking the Sublime
through Roses

18" h x 16" w x 16" d

Upright Lei

13"w x 13"h x 8" d

Bursting Forth

12"h x 8"w x 5"d

Sketching from nature I watch the tangle of growth competing for the sun and nutrients. The blooming flower is radiant. Its fading glory is in my awareness. The seeds of new growth are a blessing. To make art based on this process of death and renewal is a way to comfort myself with our own short time on earth.

Susan Bloch

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